Rural Parts of the State Get High-Speed Internet Access

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who still don’t have access to high-speed internet. That has all changed now for homeowners in some of most rural parts of the state.
It’s a part of a fixed wireless internet service. The national program is a partnership with the federal communications commission
broadband access is given to people in rural parts of the country. It’s done through funding provided by the FCC.

“We are in now 46 counties, and we will continue to deploy through 2020,” Bill Harris Associate Vice President of External Affairs of AT&T Mississippi said. They can stream videos; they can do homework they can work on mine all of the things that people want broadband Internet for today.”

Before now, homeowners like Emma Young had no other choice but to use dial-up internet service or slow DSL connections.

“We had to go like sit at McDonald’s if we wanted to really get on her iPad or anything like that. We had to go to McDonald’s or somewhere like that where we can grab onto the free Internet,” Young said. “My sister works at Hinds community college and like I said she has a lot of work and now she can bring it home. Since the Internet came through she actually can bring the majority of her work home and do it instead of having just to sit up there has a good night on her job trying to get everything done.”

The company is hoping to reach 133,000 Homes In Mississippi by 2020.

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