AT&T Invests in Program Focused on Area Youth

Its one of the most successful dropout prevention programs in the country, and today the organization got a donation to help keep that work going.
It’s a partnership between the jobs for Mississippi graduates program and AT&T.

Ramona Williams, executive director of Jobs for Mississippi Graduates, says a generous donation from AT&T opens the door to a world of possibilities. It’s a chance for the program to help change even more lives.

“This will enable us to implement the program in schools across the state of Mississippi to teach employability skills. That is interviewing, resume writing, and how to do job searches,” Williams said. “It will enable the young people to continue in our program as they prepare for college, pay for college application fees, and ACT registration,” Williams said.

Jobs for Mississippi Graduates is a dropout prevention, college, and career readiness programs. For the past 25 years, the organization has taken young people in the state that have given up hope and helped give them a second chance. Program leaders say they focus on the same students that many have given up on. They pride themselves on being able to help them rise to the top and become another success story. The program has an impressive success record. They have a 96% graduation rate for at-risk youth in Mississippi.

“We are in 58 different locations across the state, providing jobs for Mississippi graduates,” Governor Phil Bryant said. “We intervene with children at risk, students that are at risk, and 96% of the time we can make sure that child graduates from high school. 70% of the time they get a job or they go on to college, or they go to the military. So it is a remarkable program. It is the most successful dropout prevention program in America, and it’s working here Mississippi.”

Governor Bryant serves as national chairman of Jobs for American Graduates; this is his third and final year in that role.


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