Cuddle Therapy in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. – It’s a unique therapy new to Mississippi…and it involves getting close.

“Human beings are programmed by touch,” Hannah Cunningham explains.

Touching is 100 percent of what it takes to cuddle.

“If i just touch without asking they may not be comfortable with that it’s just courtesy,” Cunningham says.

It’s called cuddle therapy. A non-sexual companionship or touch with boundaries.

“Most people never heard of it and we’re not in every state yet,” Cunningham tells WJTV.

Cunningham is Mississippi’s first certified Cuddlist, meaning she cuddles with adults 18 and up professionally.

“Anyhing from they’re lonely or they had a hard day at work they’re stressed, they struggle with depression,” Cunningham.

According to Psycology Today adults require human touch to thrive something researchers say is becoming a thing of the past.

“We as a society have gotten to where we don’t want to be touched,” Amy Laney says.

Laney is new to cuddle therapy, but feels the benefits.

“I heard of a cuddlist and was very curious.”

Here’s how this therapy works. After you book a one hour session with the Cuddlist, you have an interview.

“A very important procedure we do at Cuddlist is remind them the importance of consent. It has to be mutal, if either person is uncomfortable it can’t be done,” Cunningham explains.

There is a dress code that’s because cuddling is professional therapy and not to be confused with other services.

“They think it’s a prank or prostitution sting,” Cunningham says.

The therapy is for helping to relieve stress, and sometimes doesn’t even involve touch. Just companionship.

“I don’t fall asleep as the Cuddlist of course they’re going to feel very relaxed they produce a lot of oxytocin.”

For more on cuddle therapy click here.

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