MDOC commissioner in D.C. for 50-State Public Safety Summit

Commissioner Pelicia Hall (Photo: Gov. Bryant's Office)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner is in Washington D.C. this week for a public safety summit.

The two-day event takes a closer look at crime, corrections, and behavioral health trends.

Commissioner Pelicia Hall is among a host of leaders nationwide gathering for the 50-State Public Safety Summit. Melody Winston, director of the Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, also will be representing Mississippi with Commissioner Hall.

“I think it is important that we learn from each other,” said Commissioner Hall, who is a member ASCA. “The Mississippi Department of Corrections is looking for ways to provide meaningful rehabilitation in the most cost-effective way possible in order to reduce recidivism. With a decline in our prison population since the passage of House Bill 585 three years ago, we need to start reinvesting in our prison system, so we don’t find ourselves back where we started.”

The Council of State Governments Justice Center and the Association of State Correctional Administrators are partnering for the event.


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