Mississippi physicians help patients save with Direct Primary Care

BROOKHAVEN, Miss.(WHLT) – Loving Hands Medical Clinic is one in three practices offering Direct Primary Care for its patients.

In 2015, Mississippi became the 17th state to pass the Direct Primary Care Act (DPC) under the Affordable Care Act. The law allows physicians to deny traditional insurance companies and allow patient to pay a membership through their office.

Loving Hands Medical Clinic Manager, Don Reinhard, says DPC is far more cheaper than insurance where you have to pay thousands of dollars in deductibles.

He said, “We have run into patients who have six, seven, eight, we had one patient who had a $10,000 annual deductible. There was no way they were ever going to go through $10,000 so they can come use their insurance for primary care.”

Like a gym membership, DPC allows individuals and families to choose which plan fits them best.

At Loving Hands Medical Clinic the lowest monthly payment is $40. Each coverage plans has it’s own incentives. The platinum plan, which is $60, give patients unlimited access to the clinic. The plan also gives them unlimited procedures for the month.

With Mississippi law, patients are required to purchase a plan through the Affordable Care Act, if not they may face a tax penalty fee. Reinhard says physicians don’t have to report those who don’t get the extra insurance, but the state will impose a penalty fee, which vary in amount.

Reinhard emphasized another difference with Direct Primary Care is patients can leave their coverage at any time, “It’s a simple as writing ‘I quit’ on a napkin, and handing it to me.” However, physicians cannot “fire” their patients. In order for a patient to be removed from a physicians coverage, they must provide adequate reason and proof of a patients termination.

More than 20 states have passed Direct Primary Care laws, and 48 states (plus D.C.) have physicians who have opted into DPC for their patients.

For more information about Direct Primary Care, click here.

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