Jackson leaders urge citizens to stay hopeful concerning infrastructure problems

It’s a seemingly hopeless battle as the city of Jackson attempts to get control of its crumbling infrastructure.
We reached out to the city to find out how they set priorities when it comes to addressing major problems.

Helen Monroe says this hole just outside of her capitol street home has been there for almost a year.
She says she has watched drivers try their best to avoid accidents while speeding through it.

“First it was tires, and then the tires sunk down. Then they put some drums, and they went down. Then they put the signs out,” Monroe said. “This is the Main St., Capitol Street. It takes you all the way downtown so when people come into Jackson they come from this way so they’re going to have to come through here on the raggedy road so we won’t be able to visit Jackson you at least have to fix the road.”

Despite the slow progress, the city says it’s continually working to address the problems.

“The public works department has to prioritize all the different problems with the old infrastructure. Where is been damaged because of age or perhaps yazoo clay,” Ward 1 Councilman Ashby Foote says. “They then need to come up with solutions for that, and there are only so many different crews that can go out from within the city.”

The frustration is widespread. Neighbors on Meadowheights Drive tell us a temporary pump placed there has overstayed its welcome. We are told the public works department is in the process of getting bids from companies, and hopes to finish the work by Christmas.

The future for other areas like a sinkhole on Poplar Blvd. has not been determined. The city added plywood, and a rock after a dog fell in over the weekend, and until the city can figure out why the sinkhole is there. A piece plywood is the only safety measure they taking.”

“I would encourage citizens to hang in there and don’t give up hope,” Councilman Foote said. “Make sure you bring your particular issues to the attention of your council person and bring it to the attention of the new administration because they very much want to get these problems behind us.

Councilman Foote Says He Encourages Citizens To Get To Know The Council Member Assigned To Their Ward

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