Family of Kingston Frazier says they were not notified about murder suspect’s bond

Dwan Wakefield

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – We are continuing to follow the release of Dwan Wakefield one of the three teens charged with the murder of young Kingston Frazier.

WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter was there when Wakefield was released from jail.

6-year-old Kingston Frazier slept in the back of his mother’s car at the I-55 Kroger when three teens stole the car with Kingston still in it. Hours later officials found the young boy shot to death in the back of the same car in Gluckstadt.

On Thursday one of those teens is out of jail and Kingston’s loved ones want to know why they were never notified.

Released on a $275,000 bond, Dwan Wakefield covered his face with a grey sweatshirt as he walked quickly to a truck parked at the front of the Madison County Jail.

Still charged with capital murder, Wakefield refused to answer any questions or address the family of young Kingston Frazier the boy he’s accused of killing.

“They’re not holding up very well,” Kingston’s great uncle, David Archie told reporters.

David Archie says Kingston’s family watched online and on TV as one of the teens charged with their baby’s murder walked out of jail.

“The Frazier family and the Archie family was not notified that there would be a bond hearing set for the gentleman that was released on bond today we want to know who dropped the ball,” Archie said.

Archie says Kingston’s family wants to know what judge issued this bond and why.

“Who dropped the ball what happened? We can not just do these types of things in secret let’s be out in the open let’s talk about what is taking place when it comes to crimes here in the city in this state,” Archie said.

A judge signed a bond order Wednesday.

“We understand that one should not be held for bond for punishment for a crime that has taken place and no one has been found guilty we understand that real good but at the end of the day when that individuals received due process we think that the families of young Kingston should have been notified,” Wakefield’s attorney, Tom Fortner said.

Byron McBride and D’Allen Washington are still behind bars with no bond, but Archie says he wants to hear from Madison County officials if and when these young men get a bond hearing.

All three are charged with capital murder. The assistant district attorney says they’re still waiting for the case to go to a grand jury.


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