Christmas tree farm sees improvement with heavy rain

JACKSON, MISS. (WJTV) — On McRaven Road in Jackson, Kazery Farm has grown over the past 15 years. Don Kazery started planting trees on the family land to give his sons something to do.
“We’re a small farm and when we started we probably had 6, 7, 8 rows. We didn’t have that many,” says Kazery.

But Kazery wanted to give his sons something to do, “You know, that’d be a little opportunity for them to earn some money and we didn’t think we’d sell that many trees but we were happy to try. It’s been quite an experience.”

Now, Kazery has experience on his side – and this year, he had Mother Nature too. Over the last 3 years, drought has taken about 150 trees. This year, heavy spring and summer rains were an improvement.

The farm boasts a variety of trees from Portuguese Cyrpress to Carolina Sapphire and Blue Ice. There’s also the Leland Spruce, “This is one of the hardest trees to catch on fire because of the high level of hydration.”

The farm has challenges including deer that knock over trees ans scrape the branches. But the farm also has rewards, “A family can get together and come to a Christmas tree farm. It’s just one more part of the season that you can use the memory.”

Kazery Farm may be small and one of the few in Mississippi that raises Christmas trees, but what started as a family enterprise is now inspiring families to start a new tradition picking out a tree together. “We’re talking about one you cut down,” says Kazery. “It’s fresh. You know it’s not a month old. It hasn’t been sitting out somewhere.”

Tree cutting begins Thanksgiving day from 1 PM-5 PM and Friday, November 24th from 9 AM-5 PM.

Regular hours are Saturday 9 AM-4 PM and Sunday NOON-5PM.

You can call the farm at 601-922-6767 or 601-624-5987.

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