AMR helps bring senior citizens home for the holiday

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Giving thanks and spending time with your loved one’s is what the holidays are all about.

But some don’t have the ability or means to return home.

WJTV’s Katey Roh tagged along as AMR Ambulance Service brought a handful of senior citizens home for the holiday.

For 26 years, AMR has been delivering not only people, but smiles to families across the metro with their “home for holiday” service.

This year Roh was there as paramedics dropped off Mrs. Minnie, and gave her a Thanksgiving she won’t forget.

For the Anderson’s, a holiday feast wasn’t the only thing on their thanksgiving agenda.

“I am just happy to see her here. I don’t want her to go to be honest,” her son, Gerry Anderson said.

It was a holiday to cherish as Anderson welcomes Minnie home for the afternoon.

For him, it is what makes this day complete.

“I just enjoy being around her. I just love my mom. I just love her to death,” Anderson said.

The Anderson’s aren’t the only ones with a happy heart this Thanksgiving.

John Ledbetter, along with other paramedics spent their day transporting 9 different seniors home.

“It’s a unique outreach program that we just don’t do anything like it all year long,” paramedic John Ledbetter said.

It hits close to home for Ledbetter, “Our typical day to day is dealing with people in bad situations, and taking them away from home and to the hospitals. Today, we get to see the opposite of that. We actually get to reunite families to spend time together.”

And even though he won’t be home for Thanksgiving himself, Ledbetter says it’s a good trade off.

The seniors were able to spend a few hours with their families, and the paramedics returned them back to their facilities.

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