Edwards police chief serves Piccadilly customers on Thanksgiving

HINDS COUNTY, Miss (WJTV) – The Edwards police chief spent his Thanksgiving, serving Hinds County citizens.

Edward’s is one of the smallest police forces in the Metro Area, but today Chief Torrence Mayfield put on a big showing of love and support by serving food to Piccadilly customers.

“You know this is what we do; we protect and serve. Not so much protect today, more serving today. We are serving meals here. Just helping wait on the tables, clear tables…Great people are here on Thanksgiving day,” Mayfield said about the Jackson Piccadilly on Highway 18.

As customers made their selections and were greeted, he took their trays and helped them find a seat.

Mayfield said with all the negative attitudes towards law enforcement lately, this is just one way to try to change some minds.

“In law enforcement, we are here to serve and show a different side of us,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield has an additional reason for spending Thanksgiving at Piccadilly. His sister is the manager.

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