Jackson mom delivers triplets on Thanksgiving

JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – It’s a Thanksgiving blessing for one Jackson mom who has three special bundles of joy.

Thanksgiving comes with turkey and all the trimmings. But this year for one Jackson family, it came with six tiny legs, six tiny arms, and three heartbeats.

Kebrina Watson has been blessed three times over after giving birth to triplets early Thanksgiving morning.

“When I seen them, I couldn’t do anything but smile. Tears rolled down my face. I knew I was blessed,” Watson said shortly after delivery.

But it was a long night for the mom, “I got here at yesterday at 2:13 pm, and I didn’t have them until this morning at 7:28.”

After 12 plus hours in labor, here came the baby girl Tabrea at 3 lbs 13 ounces.

Then her two brothers, Tavon, weighing 2 lbs 10 ounces, and Tawon at 2lbs 8 ounces.

The babies were born 2 months before Watson’s due date, so they’ll have to stay in the hospital for a little while longer before going home.

“I knew they was going to come on Thanksgiving. I just had a feeling,” she said.

Thanksgiving may now be Kabrina’s favorite holiday. “If they ask me what I’m thankful, for I’m thankful I had those three.”

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