Keesler Air Force Base Holds 21st Annual Thanksgiving Home Away From Home Event

BILOXI, Miss. (WJTV) – Bobby Walker is one of the 84 hosts that volunteered this Thanksgiving to take part in the Home Away From Home program.

Home Away From Home is an event run through Keesler Air Force Base. New airmen recruits and students are invited into the homes of volunteers in the greater Biloxi Area to get a home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving Day.

This is the third year that Walker hosting for the Home Away From Home program, and each year he has taken more and more airmen in.

“More than double now,” said Walker. “Cause if… I had 31 last year. I started out with 19. Then I had 31 last year and now I have 58.”

Walker didn’t put all of this together by himself though. He brought in some friends to help with the food, including Hiram McCall, who is the Head Chef and General Manager of the Biloxi Fillin Station.

“Nothing makes me happier to know that someone is enjoying something that I’ve created,” said McCall. “And to be out here and see these people who doesn’t know southern cooking as much makes me feel good. I made an oyster and crabmeat dressing, you know, the Cajun fried turkeys and you know some of the flair that we put on thanksgiving down here.”

This is the 21st year that Keesler Airforce Base has put on the Home Away From Home event on Thanksgiving. And the gathering at the Walker household is one of the largest the event has ever seen. Mr. Walker told WJTV that he hopes to continue hosting these events for as long as he possibly can.

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