Thousands shop the ‘Black Friday’ sales on Thanksgiving

PEARL, Miss. (WJTV) – If you waited for Friday morning to go shopping then you’re already playing catch up because thousands of people started chasing those sales on Thanksgiving Day.

Stores at the Outlets of Mississippi opened their doors at 6 PM Thursday for shoppers lined up and waiting. Many of the stores stayed open until 2 AM for people looking for a good sale.

For some families it’s not about the deals but more about the quality time spent with the ones you love.

“We don’t usually buy a lot we just like to come out and see everybody and just have fun,” Jessica Blake said.

For other shoppers it’s a mission, like Janae Stringer who came with a plan of action.

“Trying to get my baby max the puppy dog from secret life of pets and she wants the Minnie mouse of course trying to do that last minute shopping,” Stringer said.

Stringer says the outlets are only the first stop of the night, next on her list is Walmart where she has her sights set on a crock pot.

“They lit it’s off the chain in Walmart they be throwing hands it’s gonna be packed I know,” she explained.


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