Cyber Monday is no match for traditional Christmas tree shopping

HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) – People are spending time clicking away for special gifts on Cyber Monday, but at Thomley’s Christmas Tree Farm they’re receiving tons of visitors despite the online rush.

Since Thanksgiving is over, families are now shopping for Christmas trees.

Randy Thomley, owner of the tree farm, says he’s sold more than 500 trees since the beginning of November. He says there’s no way people can experience the joy of Christmas tree shopping over the web.

“The kinds want to be involved. If you’re on the computer trying to figure something out, there’s no way to tell what you’re getting.”

Thomley says 10 acres of his farm is filled with trees, and the rest there’s activities for children and adults. He says people come to the farm and search through almost eight to 10,000 trees a year. He says for many families, it’s tradition to come and search for their Christmas tree.

“Here you can walk around the tree and pick one out then go look at the other six thousand of them, and then come back to that very one you just looked at a few minutes ago, is what usually happens.”

One family we spoke to were at the farm to pick out their tree for this year’s Christmas. Reagan Stockstill said it was his second time visiting the farm. However, for his daughter and niece it was their first.

He said his daughter absolutely loved the tree farm and enjoyed playing with the animals. For Reagan, he too believes trying to buy a Christmas tree online will take away from the nature and process of tree shopping.

“It’s not the same as when the guy comes out and takes the chainsaw and cuts the tree down. You get to pick out the tree out of hundreds that they have out here, and you get what you want, and it’s fun.”




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