2 polling locations issue wrong ballots for Hinds County attorney runoff race

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Some voters were upset Tuesday at two Jackson pollings locations when they noticed they were given ballots from the previous election.

According to the Hinds County Election Commission, they were made aware that poll workers at Pecan Park Elementary and Siwell Middle School voting locations issued ballots from the  November 7, 2017 Special Election.

The election commission said those ballots were given to a small number of voters during Tuesday’s runoff election.

The Nov. 7 ballots listed three candidates for county attorney: Malcolm O. Harrison, Gerald Mumford, and Martin D. Perkins.

The runoff election is between two of those candidates, Harrison and Mumford.

The election commission said they retrieved the old ballots and they are no longer present at the precincts. They said the voting machine had accepted those ballots, and those ballots will still count.

Officials said anyone who voted for Perkins would show as a write-in.   The commission said the mishap has no impact on the election results for the current candidates.

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