Hattiesburg Charities Participate In Giving Tuesday

The Southern Pines Animal Shelter is one of the many organizations that participated in Giving Tuesday. As a non-profit, Southern Pines says they are always looking for donations to help all of their animals. But on Giving Tuesday they are looking for help with one of their newest additions… A French Bulldog named Linus.

Amanda Paris is the Shelter Manager at Southern Pines and is Linus’ foster mother. Paris says that Linus has a health condition that prevents him from being able to use his two front legs.

“Giving Tuesday is a really important day for us. It helps us sort of feature what we’re doing as a non-profit organization and how we’re helping our community,” said Paris. “And what it means for Linus is that we’re going to be able to raise some money to continue his care, to continue to rehabilitate him, and get him a wheelchair eventually so he can get around a lot more normally and freely.”

The Spectrum Center in Hattiesburg is another group that participated in Giving Tuesday. The Spectrum Center is one of the only LGBTQ+ centers in Mississippi. On Giving Tuesday, they said that they need help with raising money to build a shelter of their own for at-risk teens.

“We’re starting out our fundraising for 2018 by Giving Tuesday today,” said Jennifer Dreager, The Spectrum Center’s Project Coordinator. “We’re going to be hosting a lot of different events coming up to help in our ultimate goal of housing at-risk youth through Mississippi. If they are having trouble or struggling or get kicked out of their house we want to provide a place for them to be.”

The Spectrum Center and Southern Pines said they will be accepting donations of any kind throughout the holiday season.

To donate to help Linus and Southern Pines, click here.

To donate to the Spectrum Center, click here.

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