Twitter ‘Names’ New Mississippi State Football Coach

STARKVILLE, Miss. – The saga that is SEC football in Mississippi continues…

This time it’s a classic case of mistaken identity, that has one man hundreds of miles away becoming the most popular man at Mississippi State University.

“I’m some unassuming guy that cooks for people at a country club that has zero ties to Mississippi whatsoever,” Ohio Sous Chef, Jeremy Pruitt said.

Only on Twitter can someone go from being a sous chef to a head coach…overnight.

The faux coach had his world all shaken up by the Twitterverse following a Cyber Monday post.

“Right after that all I tweeted out was, I can’t believe I’m getting tweeted about getting the Mississippi State coaching job,” Chef Pruitt explained.

Dan Mullen is the exiting coach, on his way to the University of Florida.

But Roughly 610 miles away, 30-year-old Jeremy ‘@jgroove1’ Pruitt was mistaken for MSU Head Coach prospect and Alabama Defensive Coordinator also named — Jeremy Pruitt.

“I went to bed last night thinking okay, it’ll be over with,” Chef Pruitt said. “I’ll wake up in the morning and everything will be okay and it ain’t stopped.”

Tweets have been rolling in for the faux coach. Pruitt’s followers have also been on the rise.

In fact, he’s gained about one thousand new followers.

“I wonder if this is what being a recruit feels like, I was never a recruit for a big (Division) 1 or anything like that,” Chef Pruitt joked.

Despite being an Ohio State fan, he’s already planning for MSU’s next season.

“Dan Mullen is an Urban Meyer disciple who is our coach at Ohio State so,” he said. “They run a lot of stuff with the way that J.T. Barrett keeps the ball in his hands and runs the ball is the same thing that Nick Fitzgerald does up there.”

Chef Pruitt has become a a bright spot in a rather gray time for Mississippi State.

Now as an honorary bulldog, Pruitt is planning his first trip to Starkvegas.

“I will be there Hail State,” he said.

Chef Pruitt is hoping MSU will eventually name the other Jeremy Pruitt as the new coach.

Either way Pruitt plans on being in Starkville when Dan Mullen and his Gators play next season.

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