Andy Warhol Elvis Piece on Display in Jackson

The magnolia state celebrates 200 years of statehood next week, and in honor of that milestone, the Mississippi Museum of Art is welcoming a special guest, Elvis Presley.
The museum is displaying a high profile piece of art depicting the king of rock and roll.
This artwork comes from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. It’s here as part of the museum’s bicentennial exhibition.

“To have Elvis come home, so to speak during this bicentennial year for the state is very exciting,” Museum Director, Betsy Bradley said.

He’s one of the most iconic figures of pop culture. A Mississippi born musician, who with a swivel of his hips and a trademark sound became a household name, Elvis was one of several famous people immortalized by the artistic hand of Andy Warhol.

“It’s not always that this piece travels from its home which is in Richmond Virginia right now. It’s a very valuable piece. It’s a very rare piece because it’s a triple Elvis, so it’s not easy to move around the country, and we are very grateful that they let us borrow it,” Bradley said.

Through art, the bicentennial exhibition displays the ways Mississippi has been depicted for the last 200 years. Artwork, featuring artists from all over the country, will be shown, and each piece has a Mississippi tie.

“This is your only chance to see this piece of art in Mississippi for a very long time in the same is true with other works. We would have a portrait of Eudora Welty here that we got from the National Portrait Gallery. It’s a real opportunity to come and see some treasures about our own people,” Bradley said.

Your chance to see this piece of history starting December 9th. The artwork will be on display here until July 8th of 2018.

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