Jackson leaders to expand list of contractors for pothole repairs

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson is looking to expand it’s list of companies to use for pothole repair and repaving.

Local company, Mac & Associates,  held a pothole filling demonstration for leaders Wednesday afternoon on .

“You have companies that are willing to, you know, leverage with the city and come into some type of agreement to help us get that done. I think that’s a win win for us, and so I think we’re going to explore those options,” Ward 6 Councilman Aaron Banks said.

President of Mac & Associates, Marcus Wallace says they’ve been in Jackson since 1996. He says they used to do potholes using shovels. But now that they’ve invested in new equipment, he says they are able to fill several potholes in one day.

“The truck is basically an oven, which allows the asphalt to stay hot. And you’re able to carry a lot more at one particular time. So you’re able to do more potholes,” Wallace said.

In July, Mega Tek LLC. also held a pothole filling demonstration similar to this one.

Public Works Director Robert Miller explains that there are varying projects the city has to handle, and they’re just looking at their options.

“You know, comprehensive street repaving like what’s going down near the museum. We’ve also got the traditional pothole repairs that we’re doing. What we want to do is look at this type of firm and say where are the streets and the types of repairs that are needed that this firm matches up best with,” Miller said.

Mega Tek hasn’t been ruled out. Miller will evaluate the companies and bring a recommendation to the city council.

“We’re not holding anything up. We just want to move forward at a much faster pace,” Miller said.

Leaders couldn’t give a timeline on when a decision would be made.

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