No indictment for Wakefield even though probable cause found in Kingston Frazier case

Dwan Wakefield

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — One of the teens accused of being connected to the death of Kingston Frazier has not been indicted on the charges he’s facing.

District Attorney Michael Guest said Dwan Wakefield’s case was presented to a grand jury on Wednesday for accessory after the fact.

Although the grand jury did find probable cause, Guest said Wakefield did not get an indictment.

Guest said since Wakefield was under 18 at the time the crime and he had never been indicted for another crime, the jurisdiction of the case is with the Youth Court in Madison County.

The district attorney said the court could possibly certify Wakefield as an adult. If that happens, his part of the case will go back to the grand jury.

Left to Right: D’Allen Washington and Byron McBride

D’Allen Washington and Byron McBride’s cases were also presented before the grand jury Wednesday. McBride was indicted on a capital murder charge.

Guest said Washington was also under 18 when the crime was committed. However, he had previously been indicted for armed robbery in an unrelated case. Guest said due to the previous charge, Washington was indicted as an adult for accessory after the fact to murder, accessory to kidnapping, and accessory to motor vehicle theft.

Guest said Wakefield faces these same charges.

If convicted, they could face a maximum of 45 years.
He also mentioned that they have not decided if they will seek the death penalty for McBride.

Washington’s attorney released this statement about the case:

“We understand that the Madison County Grand Jury returned an indictment against my client, D’Allen Washington, for accessory after the fact. While we await the discovery, here are some facts we know. On the night in question, Mr. Washington did not own a cell phone. Also, on the night in question, Mr. Washington did not drive the vehicle to Madison County. Lastly, when he became a person of interest, Mr. Washington voluntarily turned himself in to the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department. We are eager to review the evidence the State will present to plan to mount a vigorously defense.”

“Like so many, we mourn the loss of Kingston Frazier, and have refused to use this case as a media spectacle. Mr. Washington and his family have been mostly silent during this tragedy out of respect for the Archie and Frazier families. However, we only want to see those responsible held accountable for this tragic event.” — Attorney Warren L. Martin, Jr.


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