Train Display at The Candlelight Tour

(WJTV) — The Possum Ridge Train display is up and running and ready to make its holiday debut at the Christmas by Candlelight Tour.

All aboard! The Panama Limited Train is making its way through the town of Possum Ridge. On Main Street, you can see the tiny people decorating the town getting ready for the Holiday Season.

Possum Ridge was built to look like a town in Mississippi in the 1940’s.

Chris Goodwin, MS Dept. of Archives and History, says, “It really is modeled as a typical town from that era- including models of the people both on the main street walking around, working at jobs.”

Goodwin says the artist, Mississippi native Lucky Osbourne, handcrafted each building in the display. There are 50 buildings including an outhouse in the backyard of a home.

Goodwin says, “The new ones this year is fabric shop. It’s in a building that is modeled after one he grew up in, in north Mississippi.”

One of the most powerful scenes on the display that exemplifies the 1940’s is the River Creek Baptism toward the back of the display.

Goodwin says, “The River Baptism is really a moving thing that not a lot of people expect to find.”

The display is over 20 years old and grows every year at the MS Department of Archives and History.

The town of Possum Ridge is making its Holiday Season debut during the Christmas by Candlelight Tour Friday evening. It’s an event for the entire family.

The Christmas by Candlelight Tour will feature many downtown locations including the MS Department of Archives and History and the governor’s mansion. The event is free and runs from 4:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m Friday.

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