Christmas with the vets

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Dozens of motorcycles, some decked from head to toe with Christmas decor rolled down Woodrow Wilson Drive to the Sonny Montgomery Veterans Home, riders had one goal in mind, “let them know they’re not forgotten.”

American Legion Riders, Larry Weathersby, says this annual event is called Christmas with the vets, “we just have a party with the resident patients here, we bring out the gifts to them, usually it’s socks or some type of clothing, we just have a party we try to plan them some Christmas music.”

But it’s not just the gifts, the Christmas festivities, or even a visit from the man in red that riders and veterans look forward to… it’s the chance to strengthen and even create new relationships. And that’s one gift you won’t find in Santa’s bag.

“We want to wish them and Merry Christmas and thank them for their service,” says Weathersby.

Along with socks the veterans also received some puzzle books.

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