Potholes Creating Bumpy Road for Local Business

A man contacted our newsroom saying a pothole outside of his business has been a constant problem for more than a year now. He says the rugged road is becoming a dangerous one.
“it’s getting worse and worse, and the cars are bypassing the holes and getting on my property, and they are rutting out my road too,” Owner of EZ Moving Company, Ted Wootan said.
Wootan has been in business since 1978He says the road to success has been a difficult one because of a growing problem nearby.
“It’s bad enough that cars come through here and they bottom out and then when it rains the holes filled out and you can go how deep they are. The cars come through here, and I’ve seen at least one car bend a rim, and the tire went flat,” he said.
The company tells us because so many vehicles try to avoid the holes, they drive through his property. Now the constant traffic and heavy trucks have taken a toll on his property.
“It is extremely unacceptable. Especially that I have called the city three or four times to do something about this. I have sent pictures, and I don’t maybe, I have done everything I know to do, but they ignore me. I am a taxpayer. The property taxes on these buildings are extremely high and I can I should get something for my tax dollars,” Wootan said.

Pothole of the Week is a new weekly segment on WJTV. If there’s a pothole or a road issue in your neighborhood that needs to be addressed, email Terrance Friday at tfriday@wjtv.com or call the newsroom at 601-944-4924.



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