Ole Miss lifts transfer restrictions

OXFORD, Miss. (WJTV) – In light of a second straight year with a bowl ban, Ole Miss football is changing its policy on player transfer and it opens up the possibility of those players transferring to programs within the SEC.

This change is different from the initial rule set by the school.

Originally, only seniors were allowed to transfer freely. All other players were told they couldn’t go to an SEC school or any other school on the Rebels schedule in the next two years.

Well, those restrictions are now gone.

However, per league rules, if a player wants to transfer to another school within the SEC, they’ll have to get a waiver from the conference in order to do so.

Here’s a statement from the athletics department:

“As far as the limitations initially placed on the permission to contact, the restrictions are common. Until we were notified this morning, none of the student-athletes had communicated they were unhappy with those restrictions. Frankly, if they had any objections and a legitimate reason to seek transfer to one of the limited schools, we would ordinarily work through those issues with the student-athlete and his family. The student-athlete’s best interest is always the priority. Coach Luke and Ross Bjork discussed the matter this morning. To be consistent, they are removing any restrictions on their permission to contact for all those who have requested permission. Our compliance office has reached out to the student-athletes to let them know.”


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