Surveillance shows thieves stealing guns stolen from Adams County pawn shop

NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) — On Friday night, four masked suspects broke into the Peddlers Antique Pawn and Salvage Shop in Natchez and stole more than 25 hand-guns varying in caliber, as well as numerous pieces of jewelry.

Major Jerry Brown is the Adams County Sheriff’s Department’s lead investigator on this case. He says that there have been some other break-ins recently where firearms have been stolen, but nothing as significant as this.

“We’ve had several homes being burglarized here lately where a lot of long-guns have come up missing, you know, but not of this magnitude,” said Major Brown.

Brittany Daggett works at the pawn shop where the guns were taken and is the daughter of the owner. She says they feel horrible that guns stolen from their store are now out on the streets.

“Yeah you do kind of feel helpless in a situation like this,” said Daggett. “We’re doing everything we can to work alongside with everybody to make sure that no one gets injured by these guns or anything bad comes of this.”

One local woman said she is worried about the sudden increase of unregistered weapons in her neighborhood.

“You know if it was difficult to get your hands on a gun before, you know you got 30 extra ones lying around now,” said Judy Wilson, who grew up in the area and now works in Natchez.

“So it’s very concerning to want to hold yourself in the house and not venture out because of what could happen to you. You know, you’re more concerned about your children who are out at night.”

The Adams County Sheriff’s Department says that if you have any information about the location of the stolen guns or jewelry, to contact them immediately.

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