Jackson Council Member talks about President Trump’s trip

Melvin Priester, Jr. (City of Jackson)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Jackson city council member is also weighing in on President Trump’s visit to Jackson.

Trump is expected to visit the Magnolia state for the opening of the Two Mississippi Museums.

Council Member Melvin Priester Jr. posted on his Facebook page his thoughts about the president’s trip:

I was really looking forward to the opening of the Civil Rights Museum and the Mississippi Museum of History as one day of everybody getting together to celebrate and be positive.

Instead it looks like we’re gonna have the distracting, existential circus that envelopes President Trump be the center of attention.

On the one hand, if anyone on Earth could benefit from learning about the history of civil rights in America, it’s President Trump.

…On the other hand, these museums have a fundamental credibility issue. I have the upmost respect for the directors of the museums and their teams. I think the museums will be great. But the question that hangs over these museums as creations of the State of Mississippi is are they there to tell the truth about Mississippi or are they there to tell a “fake history” that’s comfortable but wrong.

Having the openings of the museums involve President Trump on any level pollutes the day and will sap sorely needed credibility from these endeavors.

As he did with the Kennedy Center honors, the President should not attend this weekend’s opening ceremonies. Should he visit at some point? Absolutely. But the opening weekend is the wrong time.

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