Statewide education campaign addresses opioid crisis

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — The Mississippi Department of Mental Health and six other state agencies announced a campaign to address the growing number of people impacted by the opioid crisis.

A news conference was held Wednesday at the State Capitol about “Stand Up, Mississippi”.

“Far too many Mississippi families and communities have suffered the devastating effects of opioid and heroin use disorder,” said Diana Mikula, executive director of DMH. “Governor Phil Bryant and other state leaders have demonstrated a strong commitment to ending this crisis in our state by supporting coordinated efforts to provide prevention, education, and treatment options throughout the state.”

According to the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, there has been more than 250 reported opioid overdose deaths in the state in 2017. This number surpasses the total overdose deaths for 2016.

“We are calling on other agencies, nonprofit and community groups, faith-based organizations, the medical community, and individuals to help us stem the tide of opioid use disorder in our state. The first step is learning more about the devastating effects of these highly addictive drugs,” said Michael Jordan, State Opioid Treatment Authority at DMH.  “Addiction is a disease. Anyone, no matter their background, can become addicted to opioids, including Mississippians who receive a legitimate prescription from a medical provider.”


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