Clinton Attache Show Choir to hold Fall Revue

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) — The Clinton Attache Show Choir is at it again! Their Fall Revue continues Friday and Saturday at the Clinton High School Auditorium.

Showtime is 7:30 p.m. This year, students are lending their voices to the Beatles catalog of classics.

The sound is flawless, the look, spot on. Getting this good, in the words of Ringo Starr, “Don’t come easy.”

“It’s blood, sweat, and tears every single day, you gotta work hard,” Senior Davis Turner said.

Many Attache members have gone on to successful careers in entertainment, think Lance Bass, but the lessons learned here will serve them no matter what they do.

“It teaches you a good work ethic like we get in there, and we get the job done, and it teaches you how to be responsible. We’re always here on time, (it) teaches you how to go on and basically be successful in the real world,” Senior Mattie Pierce said.

“Everybody knows, everybody says, ‘Oh yeah, you’re from Attache.’ It helps,” Turner said.

Rated as the top Show Choir in all of America, now is your chance to see them for yourself.

“The kids are great. The community is great. They’ve always supported us so well, and it’s just so rewarding to see them have so much fun,” Director David Fehr said.

“It means a lot, like just getting the opportunity to be who I am on stage, and perform, and you know, just kind of let my light shine,” Pierce said.

Tickets cost between $9 and $10. You can order tickets at (601) 924-0707.