Children in Laurel learn the true meaning of Christmas by giving back

LAUREL, Miss.(WHLT) – A group of kids in Laurel learned the true meaning of Christmas by giving gifts to kids in need.

The Salvation Army in Laurel held its annual Angel Tree distribution program Monday morning, and more than 500 children received gifts.

Helping the Salvation Army were “elves” that assisted families picking up toys.

The Simpson County Cardinals baseball team volunteered and contributed around 100 toys to the Salvation Army.

Their coach, Kalen Jackson, said the staff and parents wanted to teach the boys the importance of giving back. “Giving, it’s really positive. When we can put that into them at a young age, it’s going to be better for our society.”

He also wanted to show his players that you can’t take life for granite. The team wore shirts that said, #ParkerStrong for their teammate that’s battling leukemia.

“We really want them to see at a young age that you really have to take advantage of giving back because you never know when you’re going to be gone, when you’re not going to be able to play baseball, but you can always be a great person in society.”

Another group of elves were volunteering with their teacher. They said running back and forth to cars was tiring, but they were able to make some unforgettable memories helping the community.

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