City Reacts to 3-year-old Pothole

A property manager in Jackson says a pothole has been a constant problem for years now, and he is getting nowhere with the city.

The manager, Cecil Harrison says a water-main break from three years ago is still causing him trouble.
The break led to the development of this pothole on Greenwing Court, that you just can’t miss.

“They have to move over into the left lane to leave, and it’s a conflict of incoming traffic,” Harrison said.

The city tells us a work order was received in February of 2015 followed by a more recent odder in June of this year. The landlord backs that claim, saying the city *did send teams by, but there was a problem.

“I called Jackson’s public service department, and they said well this is not a pothole. I guess they consider it a repaving issue or something, but they would not classify it as a pothole, so they didn’t repair it when they repair the other part was here.” Harrison said.

A barricade has been added, but Harrison says it isn’t doing much good. Harrison says he has also contacted the Mayor’s action hotline to no avail.”I don’t have a very good feeling about it. This is a well-kept area of Jackson, and there’s a lot of young professionals who live here in most people try to keep things up pretty well around here. I just hate to see something like that show up in the neighborhood it has to do with being at the value of the area” Harrison said.

We reached out to the city about the issue. They sent us the following statement:
Public Works Director Robert Miller, has inherited numerous infrastructure problems. Presently, he is working with his staff to determine how each of these problems will be resolved.

While each backlogged infrastructure repair has much in common, there are two elements that cause each to be distinctly different:

1. What is the underlying infrastructure failure that is causing the pothole: water, sewer, drainage, or pavement?

2. What is the plan and schedule to implement the repair: maintenance or replacement and on what schedule?

It appears that the oldest requests for repair on Greenwing were received in Feb 2015. The work order shows that potholes were repaired in May 2015. It seems that a new request was received in June 2017, before Mr. Miller’s arrival and one more recently in November of this year. The Greenwing order is one of the problems that Mr. Miller is working on.”

If you know of a pothole that needs attention, you can contact us at

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