Cleaning clogged lines: Jackson leaders to vote on ordinance to prevent sewage overflow

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson is working to fix problems with its sewage system.

But there’s something they really need home and business owners to stop doing.

Fat, oil, and grease are clogging sewage mains. It’s called FOG for short.

And it’s one of the reasons the city is facing a federal mandate from the Environmental Protection Agency to update the wastewater treatment facilities.

Now, the Public Works Department is working on an ordinance that will affect restaurants, but also reduce fog.

“Basically, where the contents of the sewage system back up and flow out onto the street surface is a result of clogged sewer collection mains,” Public Works Director Robert Miller said.

Miller adds there are 40 to 50 locations across Jackson that have a history of overflows, and it’s because of FOG poured into drains by restaurants.

A new FOG Control Program will help eliminate the problem.

They will first hold trainings for restaurant owners.

Miller hopes to start enforcing the program in March.

FOG from homes also make an impact.

Here’s what Miller asks homeowners to start doing now:

Wash the skillet, stand over the garbage can with a paper towel or a piece of newspaper and carefully wipe out that pan. Wipe out that grease and throw that into their solid waste container, they’re trash can.”

Before this program moves forward, the city council will have to vote.

Miller hopes that will happen in January.

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