Fitness Coach Readies 2018 Fit for Change Program

Each new year, there’s a resolution made by someone, somewhere, wanting to lose weight. While it’s one of the most common commitments made, studies it also has one of the highest failure rates.
People in the Jackson metro area have an opportunity to get in good physical shape through a grueling and intense physical fitness program. It’s called Paul Lacoste sports, led by former Mississippi State Football Star, and Mississippi native, Paul Lacoste.
“I just want to help our state, Lacoste said. “You know it’s my primary goal and what we’re trying to do with Fit 4 Change. It’s just to help our state lead by example and defeat obesity because I hate to see people lose their lives over something that could be changed with discipline, good behavior, and exercise.”
The program runs through the legislative session, also challenging state leaders from the Governor’s office, the house, and senate, as well as everyday citizens looking for a major life change.
We’ve featured stories here on WJTV 12 highlighting people who have been able to get off blood pressure medications, and make physical changes like never before.
The program has two sessions; one at 5:00 AM, followed by another at 6:00. For one hour, participants run through various stations targeted different areas of fitness. The groups are broken off based on finesses levels, and the athletes are forced to bond and work as a team to reach their goals.
Participants send an accountability check-in, to inspire them not to give up. As long as they complete the program, and participate with a positive attitude, the check is never cashed and given back at the end.
Lacoste meets with various organizations and sponsors, raising funds throughout the year so make this dream possible for Mississippians. He says the program gives participants a jump start to their health. Providing expert training in the area of physical fitness, while promoting team building, confidence, and an overall healthy lifestyle.
As a self-proclaimed tough guy, Lacoste has always had a knack for pushing through hard times. After his athletic career in college, he would later play linebacker for Indianapolis Colts, and even played with the Canadian Football league. His life changed when he got West Nile virus, followed by a battle with cancer. Lacoste now uses all those things to encourage others never to let anything stand in their way, especially when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy.
He outlines many of his life experiences and his journey of helping others in a new book, Paul Lacoste: Living Life at the Next Level.
For more information about the classes, click here.



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