Lewis Lights attract thousands of people to Purvis each year

PURVIS, Miss.(WHLT) – In Purvis, the Lewis family has displayed about 200,000 lights for Christmas since 1989.

During the holidays, every family has their own tradition. For the Lewis family their tradition is to display lights that bring people from all over Mississippi, and sometimes out-of state.

Deborah Lewis explains how the tradition got started.

“Instead of spending gas money to go see somebody’s else’s, we decided to do ours. It  just kind of bloomed over the years, and now it’s become what you see here.”

She says every September the family starts to trim the trees around the house and gather all the lights and extension cords. It takes the family about two months to put up all the lights and have them ready for display the day after Thanksgiving. Deborah says her family enjoys doing this every year because the lights have become part of other people’s family traditions.

“It brings Christian spirit and Christianity back to the community, and as people understand the reason of the season which is Christ, and it gives joy  to everybody and it gives joy to us to see the smiles on the adults and children’s faces.”

Sheila Mathis, who visits the Lewis lights every year, says she started bringing her children when the lights first started.

“We do it every year when they come in. We make it a point to come down here and see the lights, and he’s from Jackson, and he loves our lights down here because you get to get out and walk down in them.”

For 12-year-old Angela Beato, her family loves the lights and say they tell a beautiful story.

“We like to look at the story about the three wise men, and then get hot chocolate and it’s like just a very merry Christmas.”

Deborah says people’s favorite part about the lights is the little elves in a tree that look like they’re working.

“There is a tree on this side that is hollowed out that everyone says is the Keebler Elves, and we’ve got some elves stuck up in the hollow of the tree. That is pretty much majority of everyone’s favorite piece.”

Those wanting to enjoy the lights can see them all the way until New Years Eve. For more information on the Lewis Lights, click here.

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