Local Couple Feeds Homeless on Christmas

JACKSON, Miss. – When you think of Christmas you think of home, but for some Jackson residents home is Pittman Park.

“At Christmas time people open up their hearts people are a little more giving,” Demetrius Dunbar said.

This Christmas afternoon George Branson and his fiancee gave back feeding the homeless from their SUV.

More than 50 people in need most of them homeless were fed in Pittman Park.

“I didn’t expect anything, all I expected was to wake up and I was thankful to do that,” Dunbar explained.

Dunbar is just one person receiving the special holiday meal prepared by the couple.

“Cooked everything, the last two days…out of our own kitchen,” Branson said.

Branson and his fiancee say they saw a need in downtown Jackson.

“You know some people just don’t have it at all,” Branson said.

The couple is proving sometimes the best Christmas gift you can get is a hot meal prepared by somebody that cares.

“They do what they have to do as a tribute to God and doing what they need to do just to help other people out,” Dunbar said.

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