Who to ride with on New Year’s Eve

Taxis block a road in Zagreb, Croatia, Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Hundreds of Croatian taxi drivers have blocked one of the capital's main boulevards with their cars in protest against the Uber services in the country, demanding that the ride-hailing company's application be banned allegedly because it operates illegally since the start of the Uber taxi operation in the country two years ago. (AP Photo/Darko Bandic)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – For 3 generations Tyra Dean’s family has owned Deluxe Cab, “we’ll be going on 50 years next year”

This 49-year-old business has seen just about everything, and every year, it comes as no surprise that drivers must be ready for a busy night come New Year’s Eve,  “a lot of people are a like and they wish to get out to celebrate the new year coming in.”

Dean says they have about a dozen deluxe cabs ready to hit the road come December 31st, “it’s our busiest night of the year, all drivers are coming full force to make sure we try to accommodate all customer requests.”

But taxi companies like Deluxe Cab aren’t the only ones gearing up for a busy holiday, Derrick is an Uber driver, he says, “I’m expected to be up late picking up people taking them back to their hotels, back to the club just wherever they’re going to have to go.”

Cab services and transportation network companies, like Uber, provide the same service but each have set their own standards, “the driver’s have passed back ground checks and you know you’re just in good hands,” says Derrick.

Drivers with Deluxe Cab have their own requirements, “we are licensed through JPD, it is one of our requirements that we have to be permitted as well as we have to have CDL licensee.”

The cost also separates these two companies, Derrick says, “if they’re not enough Uber drivers and if you have a lot more people the price does surge up, it could go up any where from double to triple.”

But it’s different for Deluxe Cabs “we do not and will not, and can not price surge”


Uber users have the ability to order a ride with an app–Deluxe Cab users can call or go online to make reservations. But regardless of which company you chose to ride with, both can agree getting you home safely is their top priority.

You can visit Deluxe Cab’s facebook by clicking here, or calling them at (601) 948-4761. You can also join with Uber by clicking here.


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