City of Hattiesburg plans for possible wintry weather

HATTIESBURG, Miss.(WHLT) – As a possible wintry mix is headed towards the Pine Belt again, agencies are preparing early for the big drop in temperatures.

Colton Hill with Hattiesburg Public works says crews have already prepared a rock salt mixture that will placed on the roads Friday.

“If the temperature were to get any lower, we’re going to be administering or applying sand to the bridges to increase traction, to decrease on those risks for vehicles traffic from slipping and going out of control and hydroplaning.”

Hill is warning drivers that if the roadways do ice, it’s better to be inside than driving on the streets and highways. Driving on iced roads will only cause more accidents.

“If you’re at the store or at home please remain indoors as long as possible. Try not to go out and travel these roads during a freeze. The more you’re out, the more likely you are to get into an accident.”

To prepare for cold temperatures make sure to equip your home and vehicle.

Faucets should have a slow drip so the pipes won’t freeze and vehicles should be checked for proper tire pressure and fluids.

Jesse Folds with Mobil 1 says it’s very simple to prep your car.

“For regular vehicles, just make sure your tire pressure are about 10 pounds over the recommended because the cold air is going to make it deflate a little bit faster. And check your anti-freeze because it’s going to burn off a little bit quicker than it normally does. Besides that just make sure your windshield’s are not icy or anything, and you should be good to go.”

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