Woman who suffers miscarriages creates 29 acts of kindness campaign

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A woman who lost two of her babies to miscarriages is hoping to bring joy to others with 29 acts of kindness.

WJTV’s Margaret-Ann Carter sat down with Marissa Erving ahead of tomorrow’s event about how she is turning her heartbreaking situation into a blessing for others.

Marissa erving lost her baby girl, Jayda before she was ever even born.

“When you lose a baby it’s like my world stopped but everybody else kept going,” Erving explained.

On December 29th 2015, this mother of two unexpectadly gave birth at 21 weeks to a stillborn baby girl, just two years after she lost another baby to a miscarriage.

“It’s a taboo to talk about miscarriages and stillborns but it affects one in four women and I’m that face I’m that one in four well it happened to me twice,” she said.

After batteling depression from her devestating miscarriages, Erving pulled herself back up out of that dark place and set out to prove one thing, “I want them to live through me and with this I was like this will show angels really do exist.”

On Friday December 29th Erving is hoping to bring a smile to dozens of people’s faces across the metro with her 29 acts of kindness campaign.

“Well I want to feed the homeless everybody thinks about the homeless during Christmas but after Christmas they’re right back to the same situation,” she said.

She plans to start at Stewpot Community Center and then make her way to Claiborne and Poindexter park to hand out pizzas, but that’s not all.

“Then I want it to be random whether it’s me going in the store and being like well here you go or we go to the restaurant and we get great service well here’s your tip,” Erving explained.

She says she hopes to do this every year on her daughters birthday, just as if baby Jayda was still here,”We’re doing this in memory of our angel and we just wanted her to be a blessing to somebody else even though she’s not here we wanted her to like I said she lives through us so when we do good deeds and she gets recognized for it then I feel like my job is done.”


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