Fighting Fires in Freezing Weather

JACKSON, Miss. – Fighting fires in below freezing temperatures is a tall task.

“You might have temperatures drop so low…you might have the water could freeze inside the hose. so you know, we ought to watch out for all those type things,” Jackson Fire Division Chief, Cleotha Sanders said.

The Jackson Fire Department says they get more calls come during the colder months because people are trying to stay warm.

Firefighter gear comes in layers when they battle blazes.

We’re told they wear the same gear year round.

The problem during the colder months is water creeps into the fire suits.

Making it taxing to walk around dressed in pounds of wet gear.

We’re told this could be a hazard and potentially life threatening for firefighters.

“You know we have to look out for things like frostbite hypothermia slip and falls on the icy grounds,” Sanders said.

American Medical Response ambulance service responds to every call.

JFD says it’s not just for victims, but also for firefighters should they need any emergency medical treatment.

The best way to keep fire fighters out of the cold and not putting out house fires is to properly heat your home.