Petal trainer explains how to stick with your New Years fitness goals

PETAL, Miss.(WHLT) – Steel Mill owner, Tom Bobbitt, says being persistent will help you stick to your New Year’s resolution gym goals.

Many people across the world have one New Year’s resolution, and that’s to lose weight.

Bobbitt explains the only way to achieve your fitness goals is to stay persistent.

“Persistence and determination are omnipotent, and nothing can take the place of that,” he adds, “Well just to set small goals at first, you know what I’m saying, and accomplish that. That way that kind of keeps you in check of the big picture.”

Bobbitt also says taking progress pictures will help you monitor your success. Taking the pictures will hold you accountable and help you see how far you’ve come.

Along with keeping track of your progress, he says cut out bad eating habits.

“Eating, and notice I didn’t say diet. Diet’s a four letter word. Everyone knows how to diet no one knows how to eat. So as the old saying goes, you can’t out exercise a bad diet.”

Bobbitt says he knows it can be tough when you first start, but remember fitness is “an investment on your life.”


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