Sprinklers and Pipes Under Pressure in Winter Weather

You only have to get to 32 degrees Fahrenheit for exposed pipes to burst.With that said, local experts are urging homeowners to get ready. We have been no stranger to the cold weather this winter in Mississippi. With that said there are some people who have still not winterized their homes. We are told sprinkler systems and exposed pipes can lead to expensive damage.
Love Irrigation Incorporated has already winterized a little more than 900 homes, but there are others who didn’t know that are already seeing the damage.
The owner says getting sprinkler systems ready is also a big help so you can avoid bursting pipes, and relieve pressure underground.

“If you didn’t winterize the system, that system is still under pressure. City pressure, 68 to 72 pounds.,” Owner, Paul Love said. “So as soon as we get above freezing that water and ice in there in that much will melt. Then you will start to see a bubbling or spewing water or something like that.”

It is recommended that you start this maintenance before the winter season begins, but if you haven’t, you always have the option to call someone to see if it’s too late.

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