Lawmakers file bills as new legislative session begins

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — As the legislative session begins, lawmakers are proposing new bills for the State of Mississippi.

Some of the bills affect schools, alcoholic beverage laws, and even unemployment benefits.

Rep. Charles Busby, Republican of District 111, authored House Bill 67 which would exempt retail sales of school supplies during the last weekend in July, which is generally known as the sales tax holiday weekend.

In some other states, school supplies are already exempt during the tax-free weekend.

A bill that could affect schools deals with firearms on campuses. House Bill 135 would authorize local school boards to adopt a policy permitting certain school employees to carry.

House Bill 107 would fine schools that fail to recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily within the first hour of class.  House Bill 90 would require alumni from Historically Black Colleges and Universities to have a permanent appointment on to the Institutions of Higher Learning board.

Democratic Rep. Tom Miles of District 75 wants to make the Holy Bible the official state book of Mississippi under House Bill 130.

House Bill 98 could potentially change the rules for some alcoholic purchases. It would allow direct sales and shipments of wine to be made to residents in this state.

View some other bills that were filed here. 




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