Rep. Steve Holland on dementia diagnosis: “The fog was lifted”

JACKSON, MISS. (WJTV) — Mississippi Rep. Steve Holland, a Democrat representing District 16, says his dementia has eased.

Holland announced his diagnosis before the House of Representatives in March 2017. He also announced he would not seek reelection in 2019.

But things have changed. According to Holland, “I just got up one morning in late August and the fog was lifted, just that simply.”

Holland’s illness started 4 years ago but came to a head last January. “Doctors do think that I still have a mild form of dementia. Maybe they missed it that it wasn’t the extraordinary form that they thought at the first of the year.”

Holland says he’s thinking clearly, “Thinking of things at this point in my life that quite frankly I probably need to forget.”

Holland says he’s still considering whether or not to retire, “I will say this about coming back, I certainly feel good enough to come back. We’ll just have to see how all the other dominoes fall.”

While we wait to see what Holland will decide, he’s working, concentrating for now on Medicaid legislation. “I’m not going to sit idly by and let the program take hits that it shouldn’t take without a massive fight on that.”

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