What’s Working: Tiffany Coleman-McGee & her music

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — More than 13 years ago a local woman’s life took a drastic turn when a Jeep she was riding in rolled over and landed hard on her side. Doctors weren’t sure she’d survive, and if she did, they feared she’d be in a ‘persistent vegetative state.’

Tiffany Coleman-McGee is a changed person. She credits her faith with pulling her through an incredibly difficult time, and now she’s dedicated her life to entertaining, mentoring and, above all, helping others.

“There was a light, and it was a very beautiful place, and the colors I remember were so vivid, and I really can’t describe them. It was just sharp and very clear, and it was a very empty space,” said Tiffany Coleman-McGee said.

That was Easter Sunday 2004. A Jeep crash left Tiffany Coleman-McGee, literally, at death’s door.

“I thought I was having a dream this time, and I was actually in a coma, and I did not know, and so I kept praying to God, asking God to wake me up.”

Tiffany’s brain was swelling. She’d injured her skull, her spine and more, but her prayer was answered.

Tiffany says, ” (God) communicated to me concerning the next generation, concerning my family members, and what he would have me do.”

The then Tougaloo student changed from being a secular rapper to a Gospel rapper. These days, the Jackson native’s music can be heard on six continents. She’s become a wife and a mother. As an actress, she’s appeared in roles on cable and even network television. She also has a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences, and she’s even written a children’s book. Her cup runneth over, but Tiffany is far from finished.

“I hope to increase early childhood literacy. I hope to stimulate economic growth here in Jackson. I hope to inspire other people to use their creative abilities to just do what God has called them to do and to live a purposeful life.”

Tiffany stresses being original and authentic as the keys to success. Overcoming the odds, and finding her true calling, Tiffany Coleman-McGee is “What’s Working” in Mississippi this week.

Tiffany hopes to one day become a full-time missionary, but she says she’ll always keep a hand in the entertainment industry.

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