Habitat for Humanity receives 10K to continue rebuilding efforts

Habitat for Humanity will continue the work it does to change lives and our community.
The organization is starting the new year with $10,000 that leaders tell us will go a long way.

“With partners like Allstate we can pull together the resources and build a house that perhaps otherwise it wouldn’t have been able to build,” Habitat Executive Director, Merill McKewen said.

There are grateful hearts at the habitat for humanity office in Jackson right now. The organization received a 10-thousand dollar grant from ten Allstate Agency owners and licensed sales professionals.

“Allstate encourages the agent, and financial specialist and license sales producers to get involved with their communities,” Allstate Representative, Sherre LaCour said. “They like for people to see they were actually out helping hands. Thus every year they increase the amount of the Helping Hands grants that they give.”

Its called the Allstate foundation helping hands grant. The money collected will fuel Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide a better quality of life for people in the Jackson area.

“What’s so rewarding about it is, not only were we able to help financially but we were able to physically get out that way as well,” Lacour said. “It was wonderful. It really was most of us are office people so it was a very hot day and it was a very different environment for us, but it was very, very rewarding.”

The group rolled up their sleeves this summer, volunteering on what is known as build day. They helped with everything from installing windows, to adding siding on the house. The work earned each volunteer $1,000 to go towards the grant.

“The great thing about Allstate is day ponied up, and they showed up. It was a hot day when they were out there, and they were working hard, and they made a real difference. So that doubles and triples the $10,000 they gave us,” McKewen said.

Habitat For Humanity is just one of the thousands of organizations to get a grant from Allstate



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