Lucky Town Brewery prepared for water woes

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – An infrastructure nightmare has taken over Jackson. From low water pressure to a city wide boil water notice, some businesses are starting to suffer, but that’s not the case for lucky town brewery says Ruben Antvelink, “good water pressure, clean water, our bathrooms are running fine.”

And it’s all thanks to these two giant tanks, “they do hold filter water so the one closes to us with scorpion on it it’s a bunch of hot water it’s at 180 degrees or so it just prepares from when it brews beer it needs to start at a really high temperature.”

Because even without a boil water notice, brewers still have to take precautions, “just being in a beer company where we make products that are liquid and use a lot of water, we’re constantly filtering our water”

And the second tank plays it’s own vital roll, “then the other tank with sub zero on that’s for really cold water really for anything if we need to fill up water bottles or when we need to cool down the beers or anything like that.”

So not only is the water always clean, it’s always stocked, because closing up shop even for a day isn’t an option, “we’re constantly looking two to three weeks out and so we’re really preparing months in advance for stuff. So if we get caught up now its not gonna effect us just this week it’ll affect us weeks and months in the future.”

But in time if the water issues aren’t resolved, the brewery could feel a domino effect, “a lot of our products are sold as these businesses that aren’t able to be opened, so we’re really hoping they’ll be open soon.”

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