Stolen electrical wiring from Lewis Lights may jeopardize this year’s display

Photo courtesy of Lewis Lights & Crafts Facebook

PURVIS, Miss.(WHLT) – Owners of the Lewis Lights are searching for answers after thousands of dollars worth of electrical wiring was stolen from their yard Sunday.

Since 1989 the Lewis family has always displayed nearly 200,000 lights in their yard. People from all over Mississippi and out-of-state come to see the lights and handmade cut-outs by the family.

Unfortunately, over the weekend, thousands of dollars worth of electrical wiring was stolen from the Lewis family.

This wiring is important because it’s used to run the many Christmas lights each year.

Deborah Lewis, one of the owners, says this theft hit their family hard.

“It’s heartbreaking. I mean it’s just my mother created those lines. She was the one that did all of the electrical work. She’s the main electrician that does all of this stuff. She is completely heartbroken over the fact that someone has stolen thousands of feet of romex wire that’s going to be extremely costly to replace.”

Deborah says thousands of feet of romex wire was taken and about 20 power boxes.

The family says the thieves not only stole part an instrumental part of their display, but they stole Christmas for the community.

“They not only stole from our property, they stole from the community. This light display is for the community, the neighborhood, all the generations of people that have been here, you know. Three or four generations of people.

As Lamar County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate, the Lewis family is contemplating the return of their light display this year.

Deborah says even though they’ve received tons of support from the community, it’s going to take a while to get back in the spirit.

“We need to kind of settle our brains around this and kind of figure out exactly where we need to go from here.

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