Jackson family left with no water for close to a week

Since last Wednesday, Mary Yarn says she has not had any running water whatsoever.
“My friends, they’re frustrated because their water pressure is low. I would rather have low water pressure than no water pressure,” Yarn says. “We use so much water a day, and this is an inconvenience for us because it’s coming out of our pockets.”

Yarn says the past few days have been extremely difficult. Her apartment complex of Raymond Road has zero water pressure, and it has been that way for close to a week.

“Imagine trying to wash dishes, flushing the toilet’s, trying to cook. I mean we are living like we are in the old days. We are not used to this. It’s a real inconvenience because we have to go somewhere else to take a bath. You have to keep boiling water to wash your hands, and I can’t stand dishes lying everywhere. Trying to cook and then you have to go to the Laundromat,” Yard said.

We tried to reach out to management from the apartment but got no answer. The tenants say their attempts to reach someone from the city have also been unsuccessful.

“Management is saying it’s the city, and there’s nothing they can do about it. They need to go through and really, really fix it the way it should be fixed and be prepared for this kind of weather,” Yard said.

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