Laurel Women Publishing Book Detailing Their Recovery From Sexual Abuse

LAUREL, MS (WJTV) – Dawn Compton and Amanda Schrader met for the first time 19 years ago. They didn’t talk again until 2016. And that’s when they both learned about each other’s experiences with sexual abuse.

“She was telling me, you know, what a horrible childhood she had and I told her that I understood because I had a hard childhood as well,” said Compton. “I told her that I had been sexually abused. And as soon as I said that she grabbed my arm and she said, “you have no idea, I was going through the same thing.”

In July of 2017, the women started “voice for the silenced, LLC.”

It’s an online advocacy group dedicated to changing the way people address sexual abuse.

Schrader says that the idea for the group didn’t come until the two women were asked to share their story for a blog post.

“There was a guy that was there that same summer, and he asked for us to share our testimony on his blog,” said Schrader. “And that was the first time that we had ever really been able to publicly share our story and how liberating that was and how healing that was. And we realized what that was worth and how, you know, there needed to be more outlets like that for people.”

Compton and Schrader have a new book coming out called “Nursing the Wounds” which documents their journey recovering from sexual abuse.

“Sexual abuse is not something that you ever truly heal from,” said Compton. “You have these constant wounds and that’s why we have called out book, “Nursing the Wounds” because we’ve spent our whole life doing so.”

Compton and Schrader say they have another book in the works, and they are currently working on opening a child advocacy center for sexual abuse victims, but its only in its preliminary stages.

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