Mayor Lumumba addresses progress in Jackson’s water system

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson remains under a boil water notice.

For the first time since Thursday, WJTV talked directly to the mayor about the efforts to restore water pressure everywhere.

Water samples were taken Tuesday, and more are scheduled for Wednesday.  The city hopes to be able to lift the boil water notice on Thursday.

With 119 water main breaks across the city, citizens wonder why city leaders have not reached out to the state for help. “Well we haven’t felt that it had gotten to the point where we could make such a request. There’s a process that must be gone through before you can go through that phase,” Mayor Choke Lumumba said.

Mayor Lumumba said neighboring cities have offered help. But as of Tuesday, three Jackson crews and eight contractor crews have been able to fix 62 of those water mains.

“I understand everybody’s frustrations. I have been going to meet with business owners. I’ve been out passing out water to citizens myself, and so I appreciate what they’re dealing with,” Mayor Lumumba said. He also said the water system repairs range around $100 million. “We know that with the combination of our pipes and our roads, we have about a $2.5 billion infrastructure issue.”

Aside from fixing breaks, the immediate goal is to restore pressure at the water treatment plants.

Crews continue to work 12-hour shifts to fix the remaining water main breaks.

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