Medal of Honor Foundation holds seminar for Mississippi teachers

HATTIESBURG, Miss (WJTV) – 40 teachers from all across Mississippi gathered in Hattiesburg on Tuesday to learn about the Medal of Honor Foundation’s Character Development Program.

Teachers were taught about the Character Development Program’s curriculum and how it can be beneficial to students. George Chip is a curriculum trainer for the program, and says that students all over the country have shown tangible improvements in the classroom after teachers start using this program.

“The teacher that is working with me today, Katrina Hallman from Texas, she uses this every day in her classroom. And she said that the behavior of her kids literally almost overnight flipped,” said Chip. “And that’s a big plus for everybody. You know, so many schools chase test scores, and they spend a lot of money on it. But they hardly ever get any bumps in their results. But if you can change the character of the kids in the classroom, then all of the sudden they work together, they get along better, and make it easier for their teacher. Guess what? Test scores go up [and it] doesn’t cost anything.”

Chip says that they have programs all over the country and if you want the Medal of Honor Foundation to come to your school district you can check out their website,


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